Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm my own worst critic

Dear readers/writers,

Have you ever plotted a scene that you just thought to be absolute brilliance and then when you placed it to paper you felt it sucked? For me I deal with a scene in my head for about... let's say a day or two, trying to mentally depict the dynamics and inner workings of the scene. After that time when I know my objective for the scene and it's characters I begin to jot it down. Now the problem is when I complete it I always feel like I'm forcing myself to like this. The emotion is there, the product is there, I just can't see it. Well if you're like me you were probably ready to trash it. Well don't!!! I was told by a fellow writer that sometimes it's the fatigue of just pouring yourself into a particular work that has you drained and uninterested in your potential masterpiece. Now I've found that when I come back to that scene the next revision day I actually like it. It may need a little spice here and there but it's genuinely a nice scene. So writers don't trash it, just set it down and come back to it later. If it really is crap, then trash it!!

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