Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Character Development


Obviously one of the main things that drives a novel. As I continue to examine my novel and fully flesh the beginning portion of it out, I find it gets progressively harder to maintain your characters voice throughout the material. With so many things beginning to happen to my two main characters, I sometimes find it hard to stay true to their initial intent. Also what about your supporting characters? I'm an avid believer that each character has a journey that they must achieve during the process of the novel, if they didn't there would be no validity in their existence within your world. As a writer you find it fairly easy to deter from the original setup. How do you handle your character development?? I write down a half page description of their behavior and mannerisms to certain people. Then I document where they were at the beginning of the book and where they need to be by the story's end.
I'd love to hear from you guys


  1. Welcome to the YA blogosphere!

    Great post! As I progress in my novel, I've had to make a conscious effort to maintain my MC's voice, whereas before it came pretty naturally. Now that she's been through more, I'm trying to make sure her voice keeps its essence, if you will, while still showing her maturing. So, I'm struggling with exactly what you talked about.

    I wish I could be that organized when dealing with character development :P I'm a (very) disorganized writer who has no outline or notes, so I just discover my characters' journeys as I write, and go back and tweak them as need be in revision land.

  2. Welcome to the big world of blogging!
    I had a similar problem with keeping my characters "in character". Actually it was a beta who kept pointing out inconsistencies to me. Next time I may write a character sheet!

  3. haha Thanks for your input. Yeah I find it hard sometimes when you are writing in different sections of your book to maintain that voice or evolve it from this point to this point. My series is 5 books so I had alot of planning to do!